News From The Moth trap.

A new year of Mothing has been a bit hit and miss with weather and being out of action for 5 weeks ( Me that is not the Moth Trap ) lol
A few new Moths have found their way to me though including these beauties.

Barred Yellow

Barred Yellow

Eyed Hawk Moth

Eyed Hawk Moth

Small Elephant  Hawk.

Small Elephant Hawk.

Lilac Beauty

Lilac Beauty




About dickslexic

I have many interests including Football, Wildlife and Photography. I also love Music especially Rock orientated and loved the 1970's Punk movement and all the music and bands that spawned from it.
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One Response to News From The Moth trap.

  1. Ron Stevens says:

    Hi Dick some very nice ones here and I think the eyed hawk moth is a first for the village. Hope you are mending a bit better now and pain free. FB still ongoing but think it will happen. Best wishes on

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