Wading Wonders.

A couple of days down by the coast mixed with a bit of sunshine worked wonders. Although no summer visitors have made it over here yet there was still plenty to go at.

Spotted Redshank.

Spotted Redshank.

The Black-Tailed Godwits were very slowly coming into breeding plumage but most of those would not come close.
Black-Tailed Godwit.

Black-Tailed Godwit.

Blackwit s __8071
The Snipe were totally unafraid as they ventured in front of the hide.

Snipe at close quarters.

Snipe at close quarters.

Curlew were everywhere performing their haunting call as they went.



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I have many interests including Football, Wildlife and Photography. I also love Music especially Rock orientated and loved the 1970's Punk movement and all the music and bands that spawned from it.
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  1. johng1962 says:

    Dick, my old blog is dead. The new one is here. http://johng1962@wordpress.com

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