The Ugliest Creature in the World

Well the poor old Blobfish has been voted the ugliest creature in the world. It is also an endangered species. Which is surprising because although its looks may put you off a little this gelatinous fish lives at depths of up to 1,200 meters off the coast of Australia  so you probably would not be able to see its facial features too well so you would think it would find plenty of mates !. Now we have been introduced lets have a bit a look at him !!

Do you come here often ?

Do you come here often ?

" Hey I have a lovely personality "

” Hey I have a lovely personality “

“For too long the cute and fluffy animals have taken the limelight but now the blobfish will be a voice for the mingers who always get forgotten.”

Coming in a close fourth was the titicaca water frog – also known as the “scrotum frog”.

Scrotum Frog.

Scrotum Frog.

Two more also rans were the Californian Condor and The Naked Molerat.

Where's the party ?

Where’s the party ?

What Double chin ?

What Double chin ?

Lets here it for these guys as it gives us all hope !!!


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I have many interests including Football, Wildlife and Photography. I also love Music especially Rock orientated and loved the 1970's Punk movement and all the music and bands that spawned from it.
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