Victory Show. Cosby Leicestershire.

Cheapskating it from the Cosby lane viewing gallery with all the other tight wads we were awaiting the Typhoon. Various Aircraft flew over but I have no clue as to what they were. ?? I have researched a few and hopefully got them right. One woman pulled in for a view with her young son, one aircraft flew over and that was enough for him. The noise scared him and back to the car they went with him in floods of tears lol.                          When the Typhoon arrived it was awesome. A fantastic display of Aircraft and flying skills put together, I was always dubious how they could replace the fantastic Harrier Jump Jet but I think they may of found a way to make me eat my words !!

Typhoon. Up up and away.

Typhoon. Up up and away.

Typhoon II Typhoon III Yakovlev Yak 3 Blog. 3blog II 3Blog P-51D Mustang G-MRLL “Marinell Spitfire+ 2 Trig

Two's up.

Two’s up.


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2 Responses to Victory Show. Cosby Leicestershire.

  1. johng1962 says:

    Top photos! 🙂

  2. Skev says:

    Nice shots – that Typhoon was awesome viewed from our garden. Look forward to this event every year and seeing the older vintage aircraft over the garden, and last year we went to the whole day on-site which was great. Think the P-51D is always good value (they always have one or two of these, sometimes up with a Spitfire), and good to see the B-17 “Sally B” on Saturday and the B-25 Mitchell “Sarinah” on the Sunday (the large dark green one you’ve shot).

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